With the HoloBuilder plugin for Naviswork, there are different options to add renderings from your Naviswork model to the HoloBuilder project:

  • Install the HoloBuilder plugin for Naviswork - see below
  • Create a new HoloBuilder project starting from within Naviswork - learn more
  • Add a sheet and 360 views from Naviswork to an existing HoloBuilder project - learn more
  • Add only 360 views (no sheet view) from a 3D model to an existing HoloBuilder project - learn more
  • Add 360 views from Naviswork for the waypoints of an existing HoloBuilder project - learn more
  • Set the right camera height for generating your 360 views - learn more


Making use of the HoloBuilder Navisworks Add-In

  • Export coordination BIM model 360° viewpoint renderings from Autodesk Navisworks to HoloBuilder with a few clicks.
  • Combine BIM model viewpoints with 360° progress photos (TimeTravel) for side-by-side comparison with SplitScreen.
  • Open and view the lightweight rendering views on any device, even in the field, without the need to download any software.
  • Use it for design review between all stakeholders, of which many are often remote.

The Add-In is compatible with the below-listed versions of Navisworks. Please make sure to have either of the Autodesk Navisworks versions installed on your PC:

  • Manage 2020
  • Manage 2019
  • Manage 2018
  • Manage 2017

  • Simulate 2020
  • Simulate 2019
  • Simulate 2018 
  • Simulate 2017

Get the HoloBuilder Add-In for Navisworks as well as a quick overview: 

If you are using our HoloBuilder EU solution, please make sure to download the correct version for EU servers.

Installing the Add-In

Download the Add-In here and follow the instructions to install on your Navisworks platform.

Always check if the plugin is placed under the correct path otherwise the Navisworks software won't find it. E.g.:

C:\Users\$username\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk Navisworks Manage 2019\Plugins

Please make sure that the Windows account that you are using to install and use the HoloBuilder Navisworks Add-In has administrator privileges.
Additionally, please make sure to close Navisworks before installing the HoloBuilder Add-In.

Getting started with the Add-In

If your HoloBuilder Navisworks Add-In was installed correctly, you will see 5 HoloBuilder edit options showing in the “Export Add-Ins 1” section in your Navisworks working environment. 

Uploading a 360° rendering view of your 3D model from Autodesk Navisworks can be done in a few simple steps. Learn more in the dedicated tutorial here.

Update your plug-in

To update the plug-in, please remove the HoloBuilder Add-In from your Navisworks software and install the newest version as described above.

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