Same as with the 360 photos that you capture on-site, you can adjust the height of the camera in the 3D model in Naviswork to get the views you are looking for. Set the camera to either eye-height for the best walkthrough experience or to a special perspective, e.g., above the ceiling to get a special view of the pipes and vents.

How to adjust the camera height setting in the HoloBuilder Naviswork plugin

Note: Make sure you have correctly installed the plugin in your Naviswork environment - Learn more.

  1. Open your project in Navisworks and find the HoloBuilder toolset in the upper menu bar - usually under the section 'Export Add-Ins 1'.
  2. In the toolset, select Settings. A separate dialog will now open.
  3. The first issue in the dialog says Select camera height with a box to adjust your camera's height. Either click on the box and enter the height manually or use the up and down arrows to adjust the number.

After creating a bounding box, this value sets the distance between the center of your scene and the bottom of the bounding box.

4. Now, you can close the settings dialog and the scene views will be adjusted to

the new camera height.

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