How to create your sheet view using the plane mode in Naviswork to align with your HoloBuilder project

Create the sheet view in Navisworks to link with your HoloBuilder project and export 360 renderings for comparison with the as-is captures.

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This tutorial explains how to

  • Create the required sheet view(s) from the Navisworks model using the plane mode as the basis for generating the 360 views later.

  • Find an overview of all other options with the Naviswork add-in here.

To export your Autodesk® Navisworks® 360 renderings of your 3D model to your existing HoloBuilder project, make sure to have the latest HoloBuilder Add-In for Autodesk® Navisworks® installed correctly.

IMPORTANT: In order to be able to actually export the 360 views from Autodesk® Navisworks® later to HoloBuilder, you will need to have edit permissions on the related HoloBuilder project, e.g. at least a Project Editor role, and the project needs to have an active license on HoloBuilder.


Setting up your sheet view with the Plane Mode in Naviswork

1. Open Navisworks and load your Autodesk® Navisworks® project with the 3D model that you want to upload into HoloBuilder.

2. If not already enabled: Go to the menu Viewpoint and select Enable Sectioning.

3. Switch to the “Sectioning Tools” option in the menu bar.

4. In the sectioning tools overview, make sure the Mode "Planes" is selected. If this is not the case, switch from the "Box" option to the "Planes" option in the dropdown.

5. In the Planes Settings section, set the Alignment to "Top".

6. Use the tools in the Transform area of the Sectioning Tools to adjust the view of your 3D model. Use the toolset to set the correct height for your 360 views by modifying the z-axis value.
Learn more on how to set the right height for 360 views here.

7. Once the height of the plane is set correctly, switch to the "Top" view with the cube (upper right corner) to get the full overview of your marked 3D model as a 2D plane.

8. Switch again to the Viewpoint menu and select the Perspective "Orthographic" from the dropdown.

IMPORTANT: This setting is a requirement. If the perspective is not orthographic, the sheet image would be 3D and functionalities like SpeedMode, etc., would not work correctly.

9. Select Export Add-Ins 1 in the menu bar and click on “Add Sheet Viewpoint” to create a sheet view to be used to align your 3D model with the HoloBuilder project in the future.
A sheet will be created and saved as a sheet view, accessible through the "Saved Viewpoints" overview under the folder "HB Sheets".

6. Repeat steps 2-5 for all the floors/sections that you want to link to a floorplan in your HoloBuilder project.
For each floorplan in the HoloBuilder project, you will need to define the sheet view in Naviswork with a bounding box as described above.

NOTE: All “Sheet Viewpoints” you will find once saved in the “Saved Viewpoints” sidebar in the “HB Sheets” folder for further processing, e.g. to link to a floorplan in your HoloBuilder project - learn more.

IMPORTANT: The sheet views only need to be set up once but in order to automatically generate the 360 views for the waypoints in HoloBuilder, the Naviswork sheet view needs to be linked to the HoloBuilder sheet for every new export. Learn more about linking to the HoloBuilder project here.

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