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How to align your HoloBuilder sheet with the Naviswork floorplan in the HoloBuilder Add-In
How to align your HoloBuilder sheet with the Naviswork floorplan in the HoloBuilder Add-In

Aligning your Navisworks sheet with the HoloBuilder sheet will allow you to automatically generate 360 renders for the existing locations.

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IMPORTANT: In order to export the 360 views for the linked sheet view, you will need to have edit permissions on the related HoloBuilder project, e.g. at least a Project Editor role, and the project needs to have an active license on HoloBuilder.

This tutorial explains how to

  • Align and link the sheet view from the Navisworks model with the corresponding sheet of the HoloBuilder project as a preparation step for the export.

  • Find an overview of all other options with the Naviswork add-in in this dedicated article.

Note: Linking the sheets is required to update a HoloBuilder project already containing the floorplans and waypoints and linking as-is 360° progress captures with their 360 renderings of a 3D model.

To export your Autodesk® Navisworks® 360 renderings of your 3D model to your existing HoloBuilder project, make sure to have the latest HoloBuilder Add-In for Autodesk® Navisworks® installed correctly.

Linking the Naviswork Sheet View and the corresponding HoloBuilder sheet

Note: In order to link the sheets as described below you will first need to create the sheet views in Naviswork and save them.


  1. Have HoloBuilder project containing at least one sheet with either Location Markers or waypoints (yellow dots) of already captured locations with 360 photos.

  2. Have at least one sheet view created and saved in Navisworks as "HB sheet".

Check your 360 views in Navsiworks to export to HoloBuilder

Steps to link a sheet

Linking the sheets can be done in 5 easy steps:

  1. Select "Link to HoloBuilder" in the add-in menu.

  2. Select the sheet view from the Naviswork model you want to link.

  3. Choose the HoloBuilder project and the sheet in the project from your account to link to.

  4. Follow the steps for the two-point alignment process and confirm.

  5. The 360 views for the HoloBuilder locations will appear in the "HB views" folder in Navisworks.

Important: A link to a sheet will not be permanent - when closing Naviswork or the 3D model, you will need to redo the linking of the sheets the next time you want to export 360 views to your HoloBuilder project.

Detailed steps

1. Open the tab "Export add-ins 1" and select the option "Link to HoloBuilder".
A pop-up opens.

Start the linking process for your Navisworks sheet with your HoloBuilder project

2. In the pop-up, click on "HB Sheets" and then choose the sheet view you want to link to a sheet in your HoloBuilder project.

3. Select "Next" to continue.

4. The HoloBuilder Uploader window should open. If the window does not appear automatically on your screen, check the taskbar for the HoloBuilder logo and click to open the Uploader, and proceed with the linking process.

5. In the HoloBuilder Uploader window, your available projects should show on the left-hand side.

Note: In order to see your projects and proceed with the next steps, you will need to log in to your HoloBuilder account. Only then, you will be able to see your available projects. If you do not see your projects, please log out (upper right corner) and log in again. Make sure you use the right account and have the correct plugin version installed corresponding to the server solution your account is on (EU vs. US).

6. Click on the HoloBuilder project that you want to link a sheet from to this 3D model. It will be highlighted in yellow when selected.

The list of available sheets in this project will appear on the right-hand side.

7. Select the sheet you want to link your selected Navisworks sheet view to.

8. Click "Next" in the lower-left corner to proceed to the actual alignment process.

Choosing the HoloBuilder project and sheet to link to your Navisworks sheet view

9. An info screen shows how to work with the "Two Point Alignment" system: Read carefully and proceed with "Next" to start the alignment accordingly.

  • Ideally, the 2 points should be placed as far apart as possible from each other and on a diagonal line.

  • Make sure to use lines, corners, markers that you know are present on both sheets to help place the two points as accurately as possible.

  • Zoom in (with your mouse wheel) to increase the accuracy of the placements.

  • If you made a mistake, you can simply click again to better position the current point - to start from scratch, use "Return to Navisworks" in the lower-left corner.

How to work with the 2-point-alignment for your sheets and sheet views

10. On your first sheet view, select a location to place the first point for alignment. Click to mark this point and select "Next" to proceed to the next step.

11. On the HoloBuilder sheet, select the exact same point and place the marker according to your first selection. Proceed with "Next" to the next step.

12. The sheet view shows again to place the second point for alignment. Place the point as far from the first marker as possible, click on that position and proceed with "Next".

13. Repeat as before and place the second marker on the exact same location as on the sheet view now on the HoloBuilder sheet. Proceed to the next steps with "Next".

Place the 2 points for aligning the Navisworks sheet view with the HoloBuilder sheet

14. Review the alignment of your sheets by using the transparency regulator and move (by dragging) or further scale (click and drag on the white boxes on the corners) the sheets to be better mapped if required.

15. Confirm the alignment with "APPLY".

Comfirm the alignment of the Navisworks sheet with the selected HoloBuilder sheet

16. You will return to Navisworks to continue with the export.

Note: The HoloBuilder Uploader will stay opened in the background for you to possibly adjust the alignment after checking the 360 renders.

17. The 360 views will show in Navisworks in the folder "HB views" with the names specified in the HoloBuilder project for you to check. Click on a 360 view to review this view.

Note: If the placement is a little off, try deleting the 360 viewpoints again in the folder and adjust the alignment a little in the HoloBuilder Uploader, click apply to generate the new viewpoints. Also, you can adjust the height for where the camera for the 360 views should be placed.

Check the 360 views generated for the locations pulled from the linked HoloBuilder sheet

18. When the list of 360 views is complete and reviewed, you can proceed with the export of the renders to HoloBuilder.

Note: A link to a sheet will not be permanent - when closing Naviswork or the 3D model, you will need to redo the linking of the sheets the next time you want to export 360 views to your HoloBuilder project.

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