In order to export your Navisworks 3D model as new 360 rendering tour on HoloBuilder, make sure to have the HoloBuilder Add-In for Navisworks installed correctly. To confirm the successful installation, check for the “Export Add-Ins 1” section in your Navisworks working environment including the HoloBuilder tool set.

Uploading a 360° rendering view of your 3D model from Autodesk Navisworks 

There are 3 steps to create and upload a 360 tour of your 3D model in Navisworks:

  1. Add sheet viewpoints: Specify the sheet(s)/floor plan(s) from the 3D model to be used in the HoloBuilder project.
  2. Add 360 viewpoints: Set the locations in your 3D model where you want to "capture" the 360 renderings
  3. Export to HoloBuilder: Upload the sheets and 360 views to HoloBuilder as a new project.
    Note: You can also upload your newly specified sheets and 360 views to an existing project. Learn more here.
  4. Optional - View/edit project in HoloBuilder: Edit, share and view your project in the web editor, web viewer or with the JobWalk app, e.g. to add on-site TimeTravel documentation.

- Creating a sheet viewpoint -

1. Open Navisworks and load your Autodesk Navisworks project with the 3D view that you want to upload into HoloBuilder.

2. Set the right view for your sheets:

  • Use the "Cube" to view the 3D model from the top (north should be pointing up by default).
  • Limit the viewing area using the “Sectioning Tools” button in the menu bar: In the sectioning tools overview, get rid of the Plane 1 sectioning by deselecting the lightbulb.

  • Select plane 2 and choose "Alignment: Top".
  • Cut off the Building from the top to get a good, sheet like view.

3. Specify the area for your sheet(s):

  • Create a "Box Plane" around the area or floor that you want to upload as sheet in HoloBuilder: Select the part of the building you want to have on your sheet via drag and drop (magnifing glass with bounding box cursor).
  • Alternative view: switch to the orthographic view to have a better image for the floorplan. The perspective view (above) gives additional information on depth that you might not want in a floorplan. The orthographic view has increased readability for less information.

4. Select "Export Add-Ins 1" in the menu bar and click on “Add Sheet Viewpoint” to create a sheet to be used in HoloBuilder from the currently selected view in Navisworks.

5. Repeat step 2-4 for all the floors/sections that you want to export to HoloBuilder as sheets.

6. When you are finished creating all “Sheet Viewpoints” you will find them in the “Saved Viewpoints” sidebar in the “HB Sheets” folder.

- Create 360 viewpoints for your 360 renderings (locations) -

1. Navigate to the location that you want to capture as your first 360° view rendering using the "Fly feature".

2. Optional: Enable all relevant layers again, e.g. the (roof) top, if this is still disabled from the sheet capturing.

3. Select “Add 360 Viewpoint” in the Export Add-Ins 1 section of the menu bar to place a view that will be rendered as 360° image and later uploaded to HoloBuilder.

  • After placing the “360 Viewpoint” you will find it in the right sidebar in the in the “Saved Viewpoints” sidebar under the “HB 360 Views” folder.
  • Repeat steps 1-3 for all the locations/360 views that you want to link to a sheet and export to HoloBuilder.

- Export project from Navisworks to HoloBuilder - 

1. When you have placed all “360 Viewpoints” that you like to export to HoloBuilder for each sheet viewpoint, click on the “Export to HoloBuilder” button in the HoloBuilder Add-In section.

2. Select the “Sheet Viewpoints” you want to upload as basis for your HoloBuilder project and click next.

3. Select the “360 Viewpoints” that you want to upload related to the previously selected sheet views.

4. HoloBuilder Uploader opens to manage the export:

  • Sign in to your HoloBuilder account in the uploader.
  • Choose to upload the project as completely new project to HoloBuilder.
  • Fill in the project details as required.
  • Optional: Add a label to tag the Navisworks 360 renderings - e.g. "Navisworks" - in your project. You can later use this to filter your project
  • Wait for the upload to hit 100%: All your 360 Viewpoints and Sheet Views will be uploaded to HoloBuilder and you will find the 360° Views placed on the Sheets inside the HoloBuilder Web Viewer that opens up.
  • Edit the project in the Web Editor or JobWalk App.

Edit the project

An exported Navisworks project can be edited like any other project in HoloBuilder with both, the web editor as well as the JobWalk app. Simply log into your HoloBuilder account to access the project on your PC or download it to your mobile device to continue capturing progress with the JobWalk app.

View the HoloBuilder project

Once the upload of the exported Navisworks project was completed, you can view the project directly in the browser. View, share and navigate the project through the waypoints on the sheets or the Project Panel on the left side of the screen.

Once you have added TimeTravel scenes, you can also use SplitScreen to compare your 360° rendering from Navisworks with the real-life captures of the site.

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