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How to use categories and filters in HoloBuilder - An overview
How to use categories and filters in HoloBuilder - An overview

Learn everything on the use and creation for categories and filters for your 360 images in HoloBuilder improving your project insights.

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HoloBuilder offers a custom category option to tag your 360 images and filter these by that category to only show the related images. Optional, this filtered project view can then be shared with anyone via a dedicated link.

Categories can be set up for your individual use case according to your custom requirements. These can be materials or elements you want to highlight in your 360 images, areas of responsibility, progress or milestones, special selections for different user groups like (sub)contractors, architects, owners, etc.

Note: Currently, categories can only be applied to 360 images not 2D images or sheets.

Working with categories and filters

Working with categories and filters you have different steps and options to do so:

Set up of categories

  • Create a category template for company use: When working with multiple projects in your HoloBuilder dashboard, you can easily create templates with lists of categories to be easily applied to newly created projects.
    (Dashboard use only - to be used for new projects)

  • Create categories on a project level: For any existing projects, you can easily add new or additional categories, change the existing ones or remove them.

Applying categories to your 360 images

  • Apply categories in the JobWalk app: The easiest way to categorize your 360 images is by doing this directly upon capturing these with the JobWalk app.

  • Apply categories in the Web Editor: Already captured 360 images can be tagged with the available categories at any time in the Web Editor.

Filtering your tagged 360 images

  • Filter your project in the Web Editor: Categorized 360 images can be filtered in the HoloBuilder Web Editor to help improve the visibility and access of the project when working with it.

  • Filter your sheet view in the JobWalk app: While capturing, you can also filter the view of the waypoints to help you better plan your walks.

Sharing your filtered project view

  • Share a filtered project view with a colleague: Filtered project views can be shared with anyone to highlight a certain view of your project and improve the content sharing.
    Note that this option is only to highlight a certain view on the project and does not restrict the users from accessing the other parts of the project. Please also consider the access level of your project when sharing a filtered project link.

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