By using filters when sharing your project, you can reduce the content of the shared project to only include the most relevant scenes or hide sensitive information when sharing with other viewers. 

Learn more about how to create categories and apply filters here.

Use filters to share a specific scene (selection)

In the player and editor, you can restrict access to only selected 360° images by using categories and filters while sharing. Apply filters in the editor and select ‘Share project with applied filters’ in the Advanced Sharing Settings

1. Click on the filter button on the left.

2. Select one or multiple categories that you want to apply to the project.

3. Click on the sharing button and click advanced

4. Select "Share project with applied filters".

5. Copy the "Fullscreen Link" at the bottom.

6. Select "CLOSE" to complete the process.

7. Paste the link, e.g., into an email and share it with the new viewers. 

Alternatively, you can also copy the ‘Fullscreen Link’ or embed the project to share the project only with the selected 360° images according to the category settings in the editor. Learn more about how to create categories and apply Filters here.

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