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How to Share Your HoloBuilder Project with the Advanced Share Settings
How to Share Your HoloBuilder Project with the Advanced Share Settings

Use the advanced sharing settings to share a customized view of your HoloBuilder model with clients or stakeholders.

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Sharing your HoloBuilder projects can improve your communication and collaboration efforts. With our share settings, we allow you to control what others see when you share your project with them. This is useful when you have markups or objects relevant to your internal team, but do not want your client to see them. 

Please note:
Only Enterprise Admins, Group Managers, Project Managers, or Project Admins can share a project.

The access level of the project always specifies who can view the project.
Please consider the access level of the project and that you need to invite all users that should be able to at least view the project with the shared link for private projects as part of the project team.

Open the Sharing Option

  1. Begin by opening your HoloBuilder project that you would like to share in the Web Editor.

  2. In the panel at the top of your screen find the sharing button next to the project name. A separate dialog box will open the Web Editor sharing options. 

    Sharing Options icon in HoloBuilder

  3. Choosing the BASIC sharing option, you have three different possibilities, how to share a default view of your project

  4. Click on the ADVANCED sharing button to have a greater variety of options, how exactly you would like to share your project.

Advanced Sharing Options

Advanced Sharing Options menu in HoloBuilder
  1. Share your project with the currently applied filters (only certain scenes, categories, or time frames).

  2. Set a start location. When clicking Select Location, you can choose between any of the project's scenes in the dropdown. - This tutorial shares more detailed information about the feature.

  3. On the right, there are 5 different options available for including or hiding different objects or panels in the shared project version. Just check the box next to the respective option to include it in your link. You can adjust the following options:

    • Show Navigation Panel: Navigate directly to a specific scene by selecting the scene name from the drop-down list at the top of your screen or use the arrows on the left and right to move linearly according to the given scene order.

    • Show Projects Panel: Adds a panel with a scene overview on the left side of the web player

    • Show Control Panel: Makes control panel at the bottom of the screen available

    • Show Markups: Enables Markups for a specific share link

  4. Once you have adjusted everything to your like, you can copy and share the embed code - e.g. on a company website - or the share link - e.g. in an email, personal messenger, etc. - to share the individualized project.      

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