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How to set a start scene for a shared project for viewing
How to set a start scene for a shared project for viewing

Learn how to specifiy which 360 scene should be the start scene of your project when sharing the project with others to view.

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Within the Web Editor it is not possible to personalize your start scene for a project. The first scene to be shown is always the one that was added to the project last.

However, when you share a project with others to view, there are two options how to adjust the start scene for them. Everyone opening the project via your specific share link will be redirected your chosen start scene for the project:

  1. Share the project via the advanced sharing options and choose your start scene.

  2. Open the desired start scene in the Web Editor and directly share the current URL from your browser.

1. Using the Advanced Sharing options

It is possible to choose a start scene within the advanced sharing options. By doing so, the most recent TimeTravel of the scene will be set as start scene. This can be done as follows:

  1. Within the project you would like to share from the Web Editor, click the share icon at the top of your screen, to the right of the project name.

Share icon at the top of screen, to the right of the project name

   2. A new window for the sharing options will appear. In order to adjust the start scene for the to-be-shared project, click ADVANCED at the top of the window.

   3. Now you can see all advanced sharing options for your project. Under the

subitem Start Scene, click Select Scene and a drop down menu with all of your

project's scenes will appear. Simply choose the start scene that you want to be

shown, when others open your shared project.

   4. The sharing link at the bottom of the window will automatically adjust. Copy the

link to share the project with the selected settings. Via this link, the project will

always open to the scene that you previously selected as Start Scene. 

Advanced sharing setting with Start Scene

2. Copy & share a scene-specific URL

You can also share the URL of your project to lead the viewers directly to a specific scene. In the Web Editor, every scene, every TimeTravel and even every view within a scene has a specific URL. It updates anytime you "look around" or switch scene/sheet. If you would like to e.g. share a specific view of an older TimeTravel, this is a very helpful way of sharing your project. To share your project this way, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your project in the Web Editor. Navigate to the specific scene and view that you would like to set as start scene.

  2. Now, copy the URL in the address bar of your browser.

  3. Just share this link with your collaborators via email, chat etc.

  4. Via this link, anyone will be automatically redirected to the scene from which you retrieved the URL.

NOTE: This option is only appropriate, if you do not wish to filter the view for others. Via the link your collaborators will get full access to the entire project. If you only wish to share a filtered version of the project, please refer to option 1.

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