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How to share links to specific in-scene objects of your HoloBuilder project
How to share links to specific in-scene objects of your HoloBuilder project

You can now share links of your project that lead to a specific object within the project.

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In the HoloBuilder Web Editor, there are several options for sharing your project with others. You can share it via the sharing options, where you can choose between sharing the entire project or sharing a filtered version of the project. The share link will lead your collaborators to the predefined start-scene of the project.

Alternatively, you can share a project link so that it will lead your collaborators directly to a specific object within your project. You may have added, e.g., a PDF or 2D photo to a location in your project or need to talk about another already existing object. In order to avoid having to explain where exactly the respective object is located (correct sheet, scene, etc.), you can now simply share an object-specific URL within seconds. It will lead your collaborators to the correct location and will center the view directly on your object. There will be no time lost on searching for the correct object anymore. This feature works for any kind of object, whether it be an action object, shape, arrow, etc.

If you would like to know how you can add objects to your project in the Web Editor, please refer to this separate tutorial.

How to get the object-specific URL step-by-step

  1. Open your project in the HoloBuilder Web Editor.

  2. Find the object within your project that you would like to share. Go to the correct sheet & scene.

  3. Switch to the Web Viewer/Preview Mode.

  4. When opening a project, the project URL displayed.

  5. Now, select the object to be shared from within the project in view mode.

  6. While the object is opened/selected in your project, copy the "updated" URL from the address bar.

  7. Share the project link with your collaborators. When they click on the link, they will be redirected directly to that specific object, with the camera view already centered at it. It is quick and easy, with no searching within the project necessary.

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