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How to add Objects to a project in the Web Editor
How to add Objects to a project in the Web Editor

There are many objects available that can be added to your project, from simple text over media files, like sounds or videos, to custom 3D

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You can add different kinds of objects to any HoloBuilder scene in your project to enrich it visually and functionally.

  1. Start by opening your HoloBuilder project in the Web Editor.

  2. In the panel on the right side of your screen, find and open the Objects menu, marked by a white cube icon. 

  3. You now have a wide variety of choices between different kinds of objects:

    - Custom Objects                          - Action Objects
    - Textured Shapes                         - Arrows
    - Shapes

Add objects menu in HoloBuilder Web Editor

   4. Select your desired object from one of these categories. Find out more about the
       different kinds of objects further down in this article.
       Alternatively, you can also drag the object directly onto a certain location in the
       360° image. 

   5. For textured shapes, custom and action objects, a new tab will open, where you
       can enter customized information, e.g. an image for the object or a text to be
       displayed. Then click ADD/APPLY CHANGES to create the custom object. 

   6. Arrows and shapes will directly appear in your scene when selected. You can now
       move and rotate the object as you like to put it in the desired position in the

Available object types

Please be aware that custom textured shapes are ONLY available in the Web Editor. They cannot be added or edited in the JobWalk App. Also, 3D objects are not displayed in the JobWalk App in order to make the JobWalk experience as easy and functional as possible.

Other objects, like 2D images or Go-To-Scene Action Objects, will still be displayed in the JobWalk app. Keep this in mind when adding objects to your project.

Custom Objects  

Augment your scene with custom 2D images, 3D models as well as 2D & 3D text:

  • Add 2D/3D Text: Customize and add your personal text directly in your scene, either 2D or 3D

  • Add custom 2D images: Upload and add custom 2D images directly in a 360° image, e.g. to cover up specific areas.

  • Add custom 3D models: Upload a 3D model from your desktop to be displayed in the 360° scene.

Action Objects  

Action objects are predefined 2D objects with specific actions attached.

Textured Shapes 

With Textured Shapes, you can add your standard 2D photos as rotatable 3D objects. Select a shape and attach an image of your choice to use as a texture for the selected object.

The textured objects will not turn to always face the viewer of a project.


This section includes a variety of 3D arrows to be placed in a scene. Augment these standard 3d objects with actions or change the color (see the modify section).


This section includes a variety of 3D shapes to be placed in a scene. Augment these standard 3d shapes with actions or change the color (see the modify section). 

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