If you want to include custom textured 3D objects in your HoloBuilder project, you can choose from a variety of shapes and customization tools.

Adding a custom textured 3D object to a 360 scene

1. Open a project and switch to the scene where you would like to insert the custom textured object in.

2. Find the menu bar in the HoloBuilder Web Editor on the right side of your screen. There, click the option Objects.   

3. A second level menu will appear. Here you have an overview of all objects that you can include in your project. Find the group of objects called Textured Shapes.

4. Now you can choose between several 3D shapes. Select the shape which fits best to your cause or into your scene. Click on the shape that you want to use.

5. A new window will pop up and ask you to upload an image that will be displayed on the 3D shape. Choose a JPEG or PNG image from your files and then click continue to create the custom textured shape in your project. 

6. You just created your custom textured shape!
There are options to further adjust and personalize the shape by clicking on it. A new menu will appear on the right side of your screen. You can adjust the position, rotation, size and color or even assign a special action to the shape, like linking it to a web page or more.

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