When working with the Web Editor, you can now directly add 2D photos to an existing location/waypoint on a sheet instead of inserting it into a 360° scene.

You can also add 2D photos into the 360° scene as an action object. If you would like to find out more about this feature, click here.

There are two possibilities how you can add 2D photos to your project:

  • Add 2D photos via the JobWalk App - find out how
  • Add 2D photos via the Web Editor - see below

Adding a new 2D photo to a location

  1. Open your project in the HoloBuilder Web Editor
  2. Choose and open a location directly in the sheetmap or in the Scene list of the Project Panel on the left to which you would like to add a 2D photo.
  3. Now, find the 2D Photos item in the panel on the right side of your screen.
  4. After selecting this item, an overview of all current photos of this location/waypoint will be available. 
  5. To add a new one, click the grey box with the '+' icon. 
  6. Choose a photo from your local files and upload it to the Web Editor. It will now be saved at the respective location on the sheetmap.

Viewing 2D photos

The 2D Photos gallery can be used to view all attached 2D photos of a location/waypoint:

   1. If you click on an already uploaded 2D photo in the list, the image details will
   2. A waypoint with a deposited 2D photo will be marked as shown below on the

   3. The 2D photo gallery also displays all photos that have been added to the scene
       as action objects. If you want to know more about how to work with the 2D photo
       gallery in general, we created a separate article for this topic right here.

You can also use this feature using the JobWalk App. Read here how to do so. 

Deleting a 2D photo 

Currently, you can only delete a 2D photo via the JobWalk App, NOT in the Web Editor. 

  • In the JobWalk App: Open the 2D photo at the corresponding waypoint, there you will find the Delete option. Tap on the trashcan icon to delete the photo.

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