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How to work with the 2D Photo Gallery in the Web Viewer
How to work with the 2D Photo Gallery in the Web Viewer

Learn more on how to get an overview of all 2D photos in a location/waypoint on the sheet as a project viewer.

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The HoloBuilder Web Viewer, same as the Web Editor, includes an easy access 2D photo gallery where you can find an overview of

  • all 2D Photos added to the currently selected location/waypoint and

  • all 2D images included in the currently opened scene.

This includes 2D photos added as action objects as well as 2D photos added directly to the sheet or location, also showing the images from all corresponding TimeTravels. This allows for a better overview of your additional 2D photo files.

Access the 2D Photo Gallery in the Web Viewer

Get an overview of all 2D photos and images attached to a location or scene of a location:

  1. In order to work with the 2D photo gallery feature, start by opening your project in the Web Viewer, e.g. if you have only view access to the project.

  2. Select a waypoint from the plan with the little 2D photo icon attached to the dot or choose a location from the list in the panel on the left.

    NOTE: On the sheet map and the scene list, all locations with 2D photos are marked by a special waypoint icon. That way you can see, which scenes have photos included without having to open them.

  3. Click on the 2D Photos icon in the panel on the right-hand side of your screen to open the gallery.

  4. The panel will expand and show all 2D photos that are saved at the currently selected location. It shows photos directly included in the scene as action objects - also indicated by the little green icon on the 2D image in the gallery - as well as photos that have been added to the location in general in the gallery.

    2D photos overview

  5. Click on a photo from the gallery in order to look at it enlarged.

Viewing the 2D photos and images in the gallery

The 2D photos and images can be reviewed in the gallery:

2D photo viewer

Click on the 2D photo thumbnail in the gallery to view it enlarged.

  • Browse: Use the arrows to switch between all available 2D photos/images.

  • Fullscreen: Use the scale icon to view the 2D photo/image in fullscreen.

  • Download: Use the download icon below the 2D photo/image to download the file to your computer, e.g. to upload to a different location.

  • Close: Use the X to close the 2D photo/image viewer again and return to your 360 scene.

2D photo viewer

View 2D image in the scene

For 2D photos that are included in the scene as an action object, a VIEW IN SCENE button also allows you to jump to the 2D photo object directly in the scene. This helps to find the right TimeTravel 360 image incorporating this 2D image's location.

Viewing 2D photos in scene

2D images in the scene

All action object images that are placed inside a 360 scene are marked with a little green icon in the upper right corner of the photo on the gallery:

2D images in scene

Add a 2D photo from your computer

NOTE: Adding new 2D photos and images is only possible with edit permissions on the project - please check with your project manager.

You can add 2D photos from your computer using the '+' button.

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