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How to delete a 2D Photo in the JobWalk app
How to delete a 2D Photo in the JobWalk app

Learn how to delete 2D photos attached to a location directly on the sheet.

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Even though it is possible to add 2D photos in the JobWalk App as well as in the Web Editor, currently you can delete those 2D photos only in the JobWalk App.

Delete a 2D Photo in the JobWalk app

  1. In your project on the JobWalk App, find the waypoint that includes the 2D photo you would like to delete or the single 2D Photo you might have placed on the sheet. In the menu of the waypoint, you will see all 2D photos included in this location.

    Note: All locations including a 2D Photo or 2D image will be marked by a little 2D image icon.

  2. Tap on the 2D photo to open it in fullscreen.

  3. At the top right corner, a small trash can icon will appear. Tap on it to delete.

  4. A popup will ask you to confirm the deletion of the photo. Once you tap Delete, the 2D photo will be deleted and removed from your project sheet.

    Please note that deleting a 2D Photo or Image, cannot be undone.

Delete 2D Photo in JobWalk app

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