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How to place 2D Photos directly on your sheet in the JobWalk App
How to place 2D Photos directly on your sheet in the JobWalk App

Find out how to add a 2D Photo directly to your sheet using the JobWalk App, e.g. when no 360 camera is available during a site-visit.

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When working with a sheet in the JobWalk App, in addition to capturing 360 images, you can directly add 2D Photos to a waypoint without having to add a 2D Photo action object into your 360 scene or even place the 2D Photo directly on your sheet.

Please note that this feature can be deactivated for specific projects depending on the used project subscription. Please check with your Enterprise Admin or reach out to if you are the Enterprise Admin.

There are two ways you can add 2D Photos to a project in the JobWalk app:

  • Add 2D Photos directly from your device's photo gallery (special process for iOS)

  • Add new 2D Photos via the JobWalk App - see below

Working with 2D Photos

1. Open the JobWalk App on your mobile device. 

2. Open a project and navigate to a sheet, to which you would like to add a 2D photo.  

3. Now, tap on a location on the sheet to which you would like to add the photo.

Note: This can be an existing waypoint with a 360 image or a completely new location on the sheet without a marker.

4. At the bottom of your screen, a camera icon will appear to add a 2D Photo. Tap the icon and your camera will open automatically (see screenshot below).

5. Choose to access your mobile device's camera to capture a new photo. Alternatively, you can also browse your phone's image gallery.

6. Take a picture. It will be saved at the respective location on the sheet.

7. Once you have taken the photo, you have the choice between retaking the photo and using the current picture. Tap Use Photo to confirm your photo.

Retaking photo with JobWalk app

8. Once a 2D photo has been added as a new location, the respective waypoint on the sheet map will indicate so with a 2D image icon on the waypoint dot. 

When adding a 2D photo as a new location that does not include a 360° image, the location will then be marked with a single image icon instead of the waypoint dot.

2D photo waypoint

2D photos can also be added via the HoloBuilder Web Editor. 

Deleting a 2D photo 

Currently, you can only delete a 2D Photo via the JobWalk App, NOT in the Web Editor.

  • In the JobWalk App: Open the 2D Photo at the corresponding waypoint, there you will find the Delete option.

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