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Upload 2D Photos from your device’s gallery to a floorplan on iOS
Upload 2D Photos from your device’s gallery to a floorplan on iOS

Find out how you can easily add 2D photos from your gallery to a project in the JobWalk App. Only available for iOS!

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Note: This addition is only available on iOS devices. On Android, you can easily upload already captured 2D Photos from your phone's gallery through the capturing mode in the JobWalk app.

The 2D photo feature in the JobWalk App allows you to attach 2D photos to any scene/location in your project. You can always capture new 2D photos with your phone's camera and add them to the sheet.

In addition to capturing new photos, you can also upload existing captures. Add 2D photos easily from your iPhone gallery by using the sharing option.

Note: On Android, you can search for a photo from within the JobWalk App, instead of adding it to the project from your device's gallery.

How to add 2D Photos from your gallery to the JobWalk App

  1. On your iOS device (not yet available for Android), open the photo gallery, and find the 2D photo that you would like to add to your HoloBuilder project.

  2. In the lower-left corner of your screen, tap the Share button.

  3. A variety of sharing options are now available to you. Find the JobWalk App and select it. This way your will 'share' the photo with the app.

Add 2D photo to JobWalk app

4. Another menu dialog will now pop up on your screen. Here, you can select the

project as well as the sheet to which you would like to add the 2D photo. Make a

selection and then confirm by tapping Attach.

5. You will be automatically redirected to the previously chosen project & sheet

within the JobWalk App. Decide on the location on the sheet, to which the photo

will be added, or chose a completely new position on the plan.

6. Tap on the desired location and confirm your 2D photo import by tapping the

Attach-button, as shown below. The 2D photo is now attached to the selected


Completing steps to add 2D photo to JobWalk app

Note: If this feature is not available to you on your iOS device, the 2D Photo feature might not be enabled for your project or company. Find out, how to enable this feature yourself or check with your Enterprise Admin.

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