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How to enable 2D Photo capturing for all or only individual projects
How to enable 2D Photo capturing for all or only individual projects

Find out how you can activate and manage the 2D Photo feature for all your work or individually for specific projects in your dashboard.

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The  2D photo feature in the Web Editor and JobWalk App allows you to not only capture your HoloBuilder project with 360° images for locations but also with additional 2D photos that can be placed directly on the sheet. 

There are two possibilities how you can add 2D photos to your project:

Please note that this feature is not available with all subscriptions. Please reach out to your account executive or to check on your options.

Enabling/Disabling 2D photo capturing for your dashboard

Please note that, if available, the 2D Photo feature is enabled for all projects by default. You can restrict the access according to your needs as described below.

NOTE: Only Enterprise Admins have the necessary permissions to enable/disable 2D photo capturing. Should you not hold this role, please refer to whoever is Enterprise Admin of your dashboard and ask them to adjust this setting.

  1. In your HoloBuilder dashboard, go to Settings > General in the panel on the left-hand side.

  2. In the General Settings, below the Branding section, you will find the settings for the 2D Photo feature. Here, you have the choice between two buttons:

  • Activate for all projects

  • Deactivate for all projects 

Activate 2D Photo feature in HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard

This way you can easily manage whether you would like to work with this feature in your projects or not.

Enabling 2D photo capturing for individual projects

Should you only want to enable this feature for certain projects in your dashboard, you can enable the 2D Photo capturing tool for these individually. 

By default, this feature will be activated for all projects. If you want to change the setting for a specific project, see below for detailed info:

  1. In your HoloBuilder Dashboard, go to your list of Active projects. 

  2. Select the project to be enabled with this feature and open the project details. 

  3. At the bottom under the Project Information, you will find the section Features. Here, you can activate and deactivate the 2D photo feature specifically for this project. Just click the toggle switch as depicted in the screenshot below.

Enable/disable 2D Photo feature

The 2D feature can be activated and deactivated at any time. If you later change your mind about the use of the feature, this setting can be adjusted whenever you like.

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