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How to add custom 2D images to your HoloBuilder Project using the JobWalk App
How to add custom 2D images to your HoloBuilder Project using the JobWalk App

Add standard 2D images directly into a 360 scene from your mobile device on site.

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The 2D image feature allows you to add your own 2D images within the 360° images of your HoloBuilder project and to document your progress in even more detail. 

There are two possibilities how you can add 2D images to your project:

  • Add 2D images via the Web Editor - find out how

  • Add 2D images via the JobWalk App - see below

Note that it is only possible to use the 2D images feature if the project has at least one 360° image as these images are placed inside a 360 scene.

Add a 2D images in the JobWalk App

  1. Download a project to the JobWalk App or create a new project.

  2. Open a sheet within a project.

  3. Tap on the location marker of the 360° scene where you want to add the 2D images.
    - On iOS: Tap on a waypoint. Tap the three dots beside the Capture button, then tap Open.
    - On Android: Tap on a waypoint, then tap on the Open button at the bottom of the screen.

  4. Angle the scene to where you would like the image icon to be placed.

  5. Select the camera option on the right side of the screen.

  6. You can select between your galleries or the device’s camera so you can take/choose a picture of what you would like to add to the photo sphere.

    If you have taken a photo with the camera, click on Use Photo to confirm the picture, or on Retake to change it.

  7. Once you are happy with the photo, it will be added to the photo sphere. You will see the images action icon as an interactive placeholder.

Add 2D image with JobWalk App

View the 2D image in a shared project

To view the 2D images in your project, just tap/click on the image action icon and the image will be revealed.

Viewing 2D image in JobWalk App

Note: 2D images in a scene cannot be viewed in the Web Editor, only in the viewing mode.

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