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How to link 2D images in the Web Editor
How to link 2D images in the Web Editor

By inserting 2D images into scenes, you can give a more detailed view on specific aspects in the 360 image, e.g. as a close-up.

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2D images can be a very useful addition when it comes to showing or highlighting specific aspects in your 360° image with more details.

2D images can be added...

  • directly on site with the JobWalk App (learn more)

  • remotely at the office with the Web Editor

Add a 2D image in the Web Editor

  1. Open your project in the HoloBuilder Web Editor

  2. Go to the action object menu of your project on the right-hand side. 

  3. Under Action Objects, either click on the "Show image" icon or drag and drop it onto the 360 image.

Show Image menu in HoloBuilder Web Editor

3. A popup will open in which you can upload the image that you want to add. 

  • SELECT FILE: Upload a file from your computer.

  • CHANGE SELECTED FILE: If you have chosen and uploaded a file from your computer, you can choose a different image from your computer to replace your initial selection.

Attach File UI in HoloBuilder Web Editor

4. Finish the upload by tapping on APPLY CHANGES.

5. Optional: Now you can move the icon to its destined position in the 360° image. 

Edit the 2D image

You can edit the 2D image even after you added the photo icon to the scene.

  1. For that, you just have to click on the icon in the scene.

  2. The Modify menu will open on the right hand side. 

  3.  There, you have multiple features to adjust the icon. 

Adding a 2D image to 360 capture in HoloBuilder Web Editor

   4. To change the 2D image, you have to click on the Action icon (link symbol).
       Another menu will open. Press the Attach a file button. 

Finalizing edits to 2D image in HoloBuilder Web Editor

6. A popup will open again. Press CHANGE SELECTED FILE and upload the new image. 

7. To finish the change click on APPLY CHANGES.

Deleting the 2D image

To delete the 2D image completely click on the photo icon and press the Remove button in the Modify menu on the right-hand side. Click OK to delete the marker as well as the linked 2D image from the project. 

Alternatively, right-click on the marker in the 360 scene and choose Delete from the context menu. Confirm deletion.

Viewing the 2D image

You can easily view your 2D images via the web editor or viewer. The panel on the right will show the menu item 2D photos. Click to open the 2D photo gallery of all photos included in this location as action objects as well as attached directly on the sheet. You can find a more elaborate tutorial about the photo gallery in this article.

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