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How to work with 2D photos in the Offline HoloViewer
How to work with 2D photos in the Offline HoloViewer

Find out how to review 2D photos of a downloaded project in the HoloViewer.

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The 2D photo feature allows you to add 2D photos to an entire scene and can be added to your project during the editing phase of your project. It will not be included as an object within the scene, but rather be made available in a separate 2D gallery of the scene. If you would like to know how you can add 2D photos to the gallery in the Web Editor, you can find out in this Help Center tutorial.

Viewing 2D photos in the offline project

This 2D photo gallery is also available when reviewing a downloaded project in the Offline HoloViewer:

  1. Open your project in the Offline HoloViewer.

  2. Direct to a scene that includes 2D Photos linked directly to the sheet or a location on the sheet.

  3. On the left-hand side, you can find the 2D Photo logo, a small image icon. Click on the tab to open the 2D Photo Gallery.

  4. An overview of all the attached 2D Photos will expand on the left side of your screen.

Overview of all 2D photos

5. To look at one of the photos in more detail, click on the respective photo in the

gallery. The gallery will now expand further and display the selected image.

Above the photo, the upload date is displayed.

6. Underneath the photo, you can find two buttons.
1. The middle button with the downward arrow lets you save the photo as a

separate image file on your device.

Note: Downloading 2D photos is only possible from the view in the 2D image

gallery - this also applies to 2D images linked inside a 360 scene with the green

action object icon.

2. The left/right arrow lets you switch to the next/previous photo in the gallery.

7. If you would like to look at the image in full screen, just click the fullscreen button

to the left of the upload date. In fullscreen mode, you can zoom in and out of the

picture to inspect it in more detail.

Viewing 2D photos in offline project

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