You can easily hand over a downloaded project, either with or without the HoloViewer file. Just copy the project folder or the complete HoloViewer folder to a (thumb) drive, e.g. on a USB flash drive, for others to get access. If you only transfer the project, please note that the recipient has to install the Holoviewer (either for  Windows –  32-Bit or  64-Bit – or macOS) to be able to view the project.

You can also share your online projects via the sharing options in the Web Editor - learn more.

Please note: Archived and downloaded projects can only be viewed online by users with a project owner role - meaning the actual creator of the project, the assigned Project Manager (PM), any Group Manager of the related group (GM), and the Enterprise Admins (EA) of the dashboard.

Handover project & HoloViewer (Windows & Mac)

If the recipient does not have the HoloViewer installed on his computer, you can share the HoloViewer together with the project files. Then he/she can view the project on his computer right away and does not need to download the HoloViewer.

1. Open the HoloViewer.

2. Open the project in your HoloViewer.

3. Select the little USB drive icon in the lower right corner of the menu.

4. A pop up opens: Select "Choose Location" create a folder and choose a location to save the generated share file.

5. The share file will be generated. Wait until completed.

6. Copy the generated folder to a USB drive or share point to share with others.

Note: The generated folder will include the project files as well as the installer files for the HoloViewer.

Handover project only

Offline Handover on Windows

  1. Go to […]>HoloViewer>Holobuilder>Projects or click on the question mark in the menu bar when looking at a project in the HoloViewer to open the Projects folder.

  2. All your projects are located in the Projects sub-folder. Each of your projects is labeled with its specific project ID.

  3. Find your project in the project folder and copy it to a storage medium, e.g. a flash drive.

  4. You can also zip the project folder and share it through, e.g. a cloud service of your choice or through email.

  5. Now, you can easily hand over the project offline to colleagues, stakeholders, or others.

Offline Handover on macOS

  1. Open the and then open the project that you would like to hand over.

  2. Click on the question mark in the menu bar when looking at the project.

  3. A Finder window opens up and shows you the content of ~/Library/Application Support/com.holobuilder.holoviewer/Holobuilder. Locate the correct project folder in the Projects sub-folder.

  4. Copy single or multiple project folders to a storage medium like a flash drive or zip it and share it through e.g. a cloud service of your choice.

  5. The recipient will be able to view all projects that are contained in this folder when he opens the on his Mac, selects File -> Open Project and selects the corresponding .holo-File in the Project folder with the ID of the corresponding HoloBuilder project.

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