With HoloBuilder there are several options to controll who has access to a project: 

  • Project privacy settings - learn more

  • Enterprise-wide access management - learn more

  • Project-based access management - Web Editor vs. Enterprise Dashboard (see below)

To invite a user to an individual project you can either do so in the Web Editor (see below) or in the Enterprise Dashboard of your company (learn more).

Please note that you might be limited by your personal company or project role and do not have the right access permission to invite new users. Learn more about permissions in HoloBuilder here. Please contact the project owner or enterprise admin to change your personal permissions if required.

Inviting new users via the Web Editor

Please note that you need at least a 'Project Admin' role or any company role - except Enterprise Viewer - to be able to invite new users to a project in the Web Editor.

To invite a user to your project via the web editor 

1. Open a project in the Web Editor.

2. Click on the title of your project in the upper panel to open the 'Project Properties'.
Alternatively, you can also select 'File'>'Project Properties' on the left side in the upper panel. 

3. In the opened popup, switch to the 'Permissions' tab.

4. Enter the e-mail and choose the correct role - see below for more details - that the added user should get. 

5. To send the Invitation press 'INVITE'.
The newly invited user will be added to the list above. 

6. Optionally: Enter another email address and role and click INVITE to invite another user. Repeat as required.

7. When you are done inviting new users to the project, tap on 'SAVE CHANGES'.

Change role/revoke project access

  • To change the role of an invited user for a project, click on the drop down next to the list entry of the corresponding user. 

  • Or, revoke the access completely for a user by selecting the little trash bin next to the user's list entry.

Available project roles

There are 3 different project roles: 

  • Project Viewer: The Project Viewer has permission to view individual projects that are active (not archived or downloaded). She/he has only access to a company project in the web player she/he was invited to as a viewer. The Project Viewer has no editorial permissions whatsoever for the projects she/he is invited to. However, she/he can have a personal subscription to create projects of her/his own unrelated to the company.

  • Project Editor: Has the same permissions as the Project Viewer, as well as ability to edit the project using the JobWalk app or Web Editor, but cannot change any project settings like adding categories or invite other users etc.

  • Project Admin: The Project Admin has the same permissions as the Project Editor, as well abality to change Permissions and Properties on projects including inviting new collaborators
    Note: Cannot archive the project.

Note: A fourth role -  'Project Owner' - is the default role for the person who initially created a project and cannot be changed.

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