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How to invite collaborators to the company dashboard
How to invite collaborators to the company dashboard

Invite collaborators to the company dashboard to grant them the right to view, edit and manage company projects.

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Add users to your company dashboard to give them individual access to view, edit or even administrate permissions within the company's Enterprise Dashboard.

Please note that only Enterprise Admins (EA) and Group Managers (GM) can invite more users to a company dashboard or change a user's role in the company.

User can be invited to a company in 2 ways:

  • In the User Directory

  • In a Group

Invite a user to a company in the 'User Directory'

In the User Directory, all users invited to the company dashboard or any company projects are listed.
Learn more about inviting users on the project level from the dashboard or the web editor.

To add new company users

1. Go to your company dashboard.

2. Switch to the 'User Directory' tab.

3. Click the 'Invite User' button in the upper right corner.

Inviting new user via the HoloBuilder Dashboard

4. In the popup, choose the role for the user(s) you want to invite.
Note: See below for more details regarding the available company roles.

Setting user roles in HoloBuilder Dashboard

5. Optional: If you choose to add a new Group Manager (GM) or Project Manager (PM), select a group the new user(s) should be assigned to get access to the groups' projects.

Note: As Enterprise Admins & Enterprise Viewers have access to all projects, they do not need to have a group assigned. 

Group assignment for new user in HoloBuilder Dashboard

5. Enter the email address(es) of the new user(s).
Note: You can invite one or more users with the same role at once.

6. To confirm and send the invitation, press 'Invite'.

Invite a user to the dashboard by 'Groups'

Invite a new company user directly to a group and all the related projects:

1. Switch to the 'Groups' Tab. 

2. Click on a group to which you want to add the user(s). 

3. Press the 'Add Member' button in the upper right corner. 

Inviting new member to HoloBuilder Dashboard Groups

4. Enter the role and email of the new user into the popup and tap on 'Invite' to finalize the user invite to this group.

Please note

  • By entering multiple email addresses (separated by ",", ";", "space" or "enter") you can invite multiple users at once with the same role.

  • Group Managers have the advanced setting option to also be allowed to create additional groups. Otherwise, only EAs are allowed to create groups.

Group member settings UI in HoloBuilder Dashboard

Available company roles

  • Project Manager: The Project Manager manages individual projects that have been assigned to her/him by a Group Manager or Enterprise Admin. She/he can view the enterprise dashboard with limited access permissions and limited to only the projects assigned to her/him.

  • Group Manager: The Group Manager (Regional Control) oversees multiple Project Managers and projects, and can be assigned to manage user groups for better project coordination. Group Managers can create new projects and can only be added by an EA.

  • Enterprise Admin: The Enterprise Admin is the account owner and has control of the entire Enterprise Account. There can be multiple Enterprise Admins for the whole Company. 

  • Enterprise Viewer: The Enterprise Viewer has full access to the whole enterprise dashboard, contained projects and insights. However, the Enterprise Viewer has only view permissions and no editing permissions and cannot see the user directory or invite more users.

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