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How to make use of the bulk invite in the Company Dashboard
How to make use of the bulk invite in the Company Dashboard

Learn how to invite many people at once to your Dashboard by sending out bulk invites per user role.

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The bulk invite is a simple way of inviting several people at once to your Dashboard or a project in the Company Dashboard. But be aware that you need to hold the role of Group Manager or Enterprise Admin to use this feature. Otherwise you do not have the necessary permissions to invite anyone to the Company Dashboard. 

Please recognize though that this feature is only helpful if you assign each user to the same company role as well as the same user group, e.g. several Group Managers at once.
If they get assigned to different roles, you do in fact need to invite them separately.

How to invite several users to the same company role

  1. Open your Enterprise Dashboard and find the User Directory tab under Admin in the menu bar on the left side of your screen.

    Note: The same applies also when inviting users directly to a group in your dashboard.

  2. Now, select the black Invite User button in the upper right corner in order to invite new users to you Dashboard. 

User directory in HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard

     3. A new window will pop up. Choose the HoloBuilder role that you would like to assign to the group of new users.

You can choose between Company Admin, Company Viewer, Group Manager & Project Manager. If you want to know more about the different roles and their permissions & abilities, you can read this article that we composed specifically for this topic.

    4. In the second box, type in the email address of a user that you would like to invite. Then press enter or the space bar to log in the address.

Note: You can also copy a list of user email addresses separated by a semicolon, space or comma.

    5. You can add as many more email addresses as you want. Once you have entered all new users that you would like to invite for the selected role and group, select Invite and the respective users will receive a role invite via email.

Enter role and email address to invite

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