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How to delete a 360° Scene

Find out here how to delete a 360° Scene in the HoloBuilder WebEditor

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When working on a project in the web editor, it is important to keep all of your sheets and scenes in order and up-to-date. If you decide to delete a 360° from your project, because it is not needed or you simply uploaded the wrong scene, your can delete it by following the simple steps below.

How to delete a 360° Scene in the HoloBuilder Web Editor

  1.  In the HoloBuilder Web Editor, open a project and find the project panel on the left side of your screen. 

  2. In your scene list, find and open the 360° scene that you would like to delete.

  3. Still in the project panel and on the right side of the scene preview, click the trash can icon.

  4.  A new window will open asking you whether you really want to delete this scene. Click DELETE to confirm the deletion of the scene.

    Optional: If you are deleting a scene that is related to multiple TimeTravel scenes, you can choose to delete all related TimeTravel scenes by ticking the check box. Otherwise only the selected time of this location's scene will be removed.

  5. The scene is now deleted and not available in your scene list anymore. 

Deleting a 360° Scene in HoloBuilder Web Editor

In case you realize that you want to undo the deleting of a scene later on, the project version history will help you to retrieve older versions of your project.

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