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How to Create a Virtual Tour in HoloBuilder
How to Create a Virtual Tour in HoloBuilder

The primary use case for HoloBuilder is the creation of virtual tours for people working in construction and real estate agents.

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A virtual tour is a set of 360° photos that are interlinked within a HoloBuilder project. This makes it possible to virtually discover a place by “walking” from one photosphere to the other.

Get a quick overview of which steps you have to take to easily create a 360° tour with HoloBuilder.

  1. Capture & upload 360° images

  2. Link your 360° images

  3. Edit your tour

  4. Share your HoloBuilder project

Create your own virtual tour

1 Capture & upload 360° images

A crucial prerequisite for your virtual tour is a set of 360° photos of the place you want to make virtually accessible.
For that, all you need is a suitable 360° camera and HoloBuilder. There are plenty of 360° cameras available. Please consult the list of cameras that are compatible with HoloBuilder, we recommend the Ricoh Theta V

Now, there are two options for capturing your 360° images:

  • directly with the HoloBuilder JobWalk App - learn more
    NOTE: make sure to upload the updated project within the app after capturing new images

  • without the JobWalk App: capture images directly with your 360° camera and later upload them manually on your computer - learn more

We also offer a feature for adding 2D photos directly to your sheetmap without having to integrate it in a 360° image. Find out more in this article. 

To interlink your uploaded 360° images, either drag and drop a scene from the project panel into the current scene or add the corresponding action object from the object menu. For a more customized solution, you can also add your personal object designs.

We recommend adding links to all relevant scenes in order to provide a smooth experience. This article will give you a more detailed tutorial on how to link your 360° images. 

3 Edit your tour

Apart from linking your scenes to an interactive tour, HoloBuilder also offers other options for enhancing your projects interactively, such as sheets and Time Travel.
Below, we listed several tutorials that help you edit your tour in the Web Editor:

  • Working with the Project Panel - click here

  • Adding new sheets to your project - click here

  • Adding location markers to your 360° images - click here

  • Working with TimeTravel scenes to document your progress - click here

4 Share your HoloBuilder project

  1. To share your project, simply click on the share icon at the top of the editor.

  2. Use either the share URL to distribute the tour via your various social media channels or the embed code to seamlessly integrate your virtual tour as an iframe within your website and any other HTML-based platform.

Learn more about your sharing options here or how to responsively embed the iframe into your website with this tutorial.

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