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Getting familiar with HoloBuilder
Getting familiar with HoloBuilder

Get started with a quick overview if you are a first-time HoloBuilder user

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HoloBuilder Overview

HoloBuilder is a full solution to document construction sites with 360° photography and use those photographs for project collaboration.

To get a complete impression of what HoloBuilder has to offer, you can find a compact overview of the HoloBuilder solution here. For a listing of all the separate features, please refer to this comprehensive HoloBuilder feature overview.

Getting started with HoloBuilder

How to get started depends on your role in your company and the stage of the project at hand.

We have compiled a list of the most common workflows to get you up and running quickly:

The Enterprise Dashboard is the central place accessible through your browser to manage all users, groups and permissions. It also provides an overview and insights of all company projects.
Use it if you are a manager to create new projects and groups and assign roles and responsibilities in your teams.

The JobWalk App is your mobile companion to connect with your 360° camera and create or add images to projects on-site.
When you have been invited for a scheduled JobWalk you can dive right in and start capturing 360° photos on a new project or add new TimeTravels to an ongoing project.

The Web Editor is the place where you can create and manage your projects in a web browser from anywhere with internet access and a computer.
Use it to edit existing projects on the big screen or, in case you already have 360° photographs at hand, to create a new HoloBuilder project.

Still don't know where to get started? Initiate a chat with us to learn more.

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