Reports are crucial elements of information flow between colleagues, teams, and with customers. Therefore, HoloBuilder offers a variety of reporting tools to keep everybody involved in the loop. There are reporting tools for active projects as well as completed ones. Find our best practice overview below:


Reporting tools for active projects

While you are still working on a project, a quick and easy flow of information is crucial for effective progress. These tools give you a simple opportunity for documenting and sharing your current work:

  • Screenshot download including Markups, Measurements, and name & date - Learn more.
    Download a selected screenshot including the additional information. This can be added to personal reports for better information handling.

  • Offline PDF view of a selected sheet including the waypoints & links to scenes (offline + online) - Learn more.
    Download your sheet with additional information including the waypoints and online link to the corresponding scenes.

  • Full PDF report for selected 360 images (by time frame or filtered by categories) - Learn more.
    Download a full report for selected 360 images including additional information such as markups and 2D images.

  • Share a filtered project to only show selected 360 images (online) - Learn more.
    Use your categories to filter an ongoing project in the web editor and share only specific views of the project.

    How do I use categories? - Click here to find out.

  • Share your complete project online - provide access to the project to only selected team members to review the full 360° tour on different levels - Learn more.

After project completion

Even after your project with HoloBuilder is finished, the final project version needs to be available for all parties involved. HoloBuilder offers an Offline tool in order to be able to view and share your downloaded project even after your process in the Web Editor/JobWalk App is finished. Anybody viewing the offline file needs to have the Offline HoloViewer downloaded and installed on their device. Find below a tutorial on how to download a project as well as how to share the offline file with others:

  • Offline project - Learn more.
    After completing the project, you can download the project as-is to be viewed and stored offline on your hard drive.

    Working with the Offline HoloViewer handover - Learn more.


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