Learn more about HoloBuilder by downloading our PDF overviews below.

  • What is HoloBuilder and what can it offer?
    This one-page sheet gives you insight into the HoloBuilder workflow and key features of the product.

Best Practices

  • How to work with the JobWalk App 2.0 with maximum efficiency?
    The JobWalk app provides teams in the field the best experience when it comes to photo documentation on-site. Download the PDF to learn what's new, setup instructions and our recommended best practices.

Case StudiesĀ 

  • How Hensel Phelps saved over 5,000 hours using HoloBuilder:
    Find out how Hensel Phelps saved a tremendous amount of time on-site utilizing HoloBuilder as their premiere photo documentation solution.
  • Skanska cut photo documentation time in half by using HoloBuilder.
    Skanska was able to share high quality photo deliverables with stakeholders while cutting their photo documentation time in half. Read the case study below to find out more.
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