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Best Practices

  • How to work with the JobWalk App 2.0 with maximum efficiency?
    The JobWalk app provides teams in the field the best experience when it comes to photo documentation on-site. Download the PDF to learn what's new, setup instructions and our recommended best practices.

  • Best Practices Guide For 360° Photo Documentation
    Learn everything about best practices with respect to 360° photos captured on-site and managing them in a way that saves you time and money.

Case Studies 

  • Learn how Mace realized a variety of benefits with HoloBuilder: Learn how Mace realized a direct cost and time benefit plus additional quality, legal, and health & safety benefits using HoloBuilder with the advantage of organised record for possible future review.
  • Learn how Gilbane's jobsite documentation was revolutionized thanks to HoloBuilder: They realized the benefits of HoloBuilder's 360° documentation and now are saving valuable time and money. HoloBuilder makes it easier than ever to organize your image files as well as your documentation process.


  • Learn how Hensel Phelps saved about 5,000 hours using HoloBuilder:
    Find out how Hensel Phelps saved a tremendous amount of time on-site utilizing HoloBuilder as their premiere photo documentation solution.
  • Learn how Skanska cut photo documentation time in half by using HoloBuilder:
    Skanska was able to share high quality photo deliverables with stakeholders while cutting their photo documentation time in half. Read the case study below to find out more.

Workflow improvements

  • Learn how Cosapi improved the information flow for 150+ stakeholders with HoloBuilder.
    Cosapi easily managed the challenges of keeping a large team informed and always on the same page regardless the immense project size and tight schedule.

Risk mitigation

  • HoloBuilder for the Insurance Use Case
    The leading global professional services firm Aon plc highlights technologies with “the potential to make a profound impact on the risks involved in construction projects”. Learn in the HoloBuilder “Technology Corner Profile” which insurance policies will be positively impacted by HoloBuilder and which categories of key benefits do exist!

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