By default, when someone opens a project via a shared link, added markups will not be shown.

In general, Markups are only visible for users with edit permissions on the project in the Web Editor or the JobWalk app.

There are 2 options to enable markups for viewers in a project:

  • Enable the Markups for a specific share link - see below.

  • Enabled Markups for all viewers of this project - learn more.

If you want to share the project including all markups, you have to enable markups in the advanced sharing settings for this specific share link

Enable the Markups for a specific share link

This option helps to share markups only with selected viewers - Anyone receiving this special link will be able to see Markups in the project (not edit).

For any other viewers, the Markups will still be hidden from the project.

  1. Click the share button next to the project name in the upper center of the web editor next to the project name.

  2. A dropdown menu will open - choose ADVANCED in order to open the advanced sharing settings.

    Learn more about the Advanced share settings in general here.

  3. Under the preview picture of the project, you will find several settings which can be enabled/disabled. Next to Show markups, tick the checkbox. 

  4. The sharing link on the bottom of the menu window and the emded code will automatically be updated to link to your project with enabled markups. Copy the link at the bottom to share the project including all of your markups.

Please keep in mind that those settings change permanently.
If you want to share the project without markups afterward again, make sure to uncheck the Show Markups item first before copying the new share link.

Please note that the previous share link will still be active and users with this share link will still be able to see the Markups when using this link and not the new link.

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