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How to use filters in the Web Editor

Learn how to only show 360 images that are currently relevant, e.g., specified materials, project stages, or subcontractor assignments.

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Once all or even only a part of the scenes is categorized, it is possible to filter the scenes accordingly. Scenes can be filtered in the web editor and player as well as the JobWalk app to get a better overview of large projects when working on the project or reviewing it.

Working with categories and filters you have different steps and options to do so:

  1. Create a category template for company use (Dashboard use only)

  2. Create categories on a project level

  3. Apply categories in the Web Editor

  4. Apply categories in the JobWalk app

  5. Filter your project in the Web Editor

  6. Filter your sheet view in the JobWalk app

Filter a project in the Web Editor or Web Viewer

Applying the filters in the web editor and player works alike.

  1. Click the ‘Filter’ button in the Project Panel on the left to open the scene filters modal (1st image below).

  2. In the modal, uncheck the 'All' option to remove all checkmarks - the list on the left will be cleared out as no image selection was made and the view on the sheet will only show grey waypoints.

  3. Check and/or uncheck any filter name to show or hide only scenes tagged with this category - the list and sheet map view will adjust accordingly.

Filter Scenes menu in HoloBuilder

Category-dependent filtering:

  • Uncheck 'CATEGORY' to remove the check in all listed categories. No scenes will be shown in the panel on the left and all waypoints on the sheet will be greyed out.

  • Check 'CATEGORY' to add a check in all listed categories below. All scenes will be shown in the panel on the left and all waypoints on the sheet will be displayed in blue.

  • Check/uncheck ‘Uncategorized’ to show or hide all scenes that are not yet assigned to at least one category of the ones listed below.

  • Check or uncheck specific categories from the list below to only show scenes tagged with that/these categories. When checking multiple categories all scenes included in those categories will be shown in the panel on the left. Please note that the selected categories will not be accumulated to only show the scenes with both categories. 

General filtering settings:

  • Check/uncheck 'All' to add or remove the check on all categories simultaneously.

  • Select ‘Clear All’ to undo your current category and date selection.

  • Select the 'X' button to close the filters modal again.

Time-dependent filtering

  • Restrict the time range of the displayed 360° images with a set date for the time of capture. Apply a start and end date for the time frame. Only images with timestamps within this time period will be shown and filtered according to the selected categories.

    Note that you can use the time filter also for all scenes without selecting only specific categories to be filtered. 

Time dependent filtering in HoloBuilder

Sharing filtered projects

Share filtered projects to provide viewers access only to selected scenes. The viewer will only be able to see the scenes which are related to the selected categories or timeframe. All other 360° images will be greyed out.

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