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How to filter your project's scenes by date in the Web Editor
How to filter your project's scenes by date in the Web Editor

Learn how to filter your scenes by date in the Web Editor with a few easy clicks.

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When working on a bigger project in the web editor, the number of captured scenes can quickly become too many to keep track of. Therefore, we came up with an extra feature to filter your scenes according to the date they were captured. This way you have a perfect overview of only the scenes that you need.

To filter your project's scenes by date:

1. In the Web Editor, click the Filter button on the left hand side of your screen. It is located between the scene thumbnail and the scene list in the project panel. 

Filter button on the left hand side

2. After clicking the filter button, the new modal Filter Scenes will appear. Here you have the choice to filter your scenes by category as well as by date. 

3. Under Time of capture you can set a start and end date for the time frame from within which you want the scenes to be shown.

Alternatively, it is possible to use our quick filters Today, This Week or This Month

4. Once you have chosen your time frame, only scenes captured within that time period will appear in the scene list on the left and on the sheet map at the top.  

NOTE: If you want to view again the full list of scenes, do not forget to push clear all in the filter modal. All captured scenes from your project will reappear in the list of scenes.
Alternatively, you can click again on the
Filter button to reset the filter and hide the filter menu.

Filter  project's scenes by date

Using the Quick Filters

There are 3 quick filters available for filtering your project by date in the Web Editor:

  • Today

  • This Week

  • This Month

  1. Select one of the filter buttons "Today", "This Week", or "This Month". 

  2. The start & end date will automatically be adjusted according to the chosen time frame. 

  3. Click again on the highlighted quick filter button to deselect this filter for your project again. 

Quick filter options

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