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How to search through your project
How to search through your project

With DeepSearch you can search your projects for scenes and sheets.

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The possibly large list of sheets and scenes will be reduced according to the entered search term to only display the results containing the said search term. The search also considers only letter combinations for intelligent project searching.

DeepSearch is a simple but powerful tool to keep track of your projects even when they are getting bigger with 10+ sheets and over 100 scenes. Get familiar with the functionalities below:

🔎– Enter a term for what you are looking for in the search bar
✖️ – Clear your search. All scenes and sheets will show again on the list instead of the reduced results list
Highlighting – For each search result the searched term will be highlighted in the name accordingly

Note: In order to use the search functionality properly, please make sure to use naming convention common in your team/for your project to help everyone find what they need more easily.

How to search scenes and sheets in your project

DeepSearch is available in the web editor as well as the web viewer in the ‘Project Panel’ (left-hand side panel): 

  1. Open your HoloBuilder project in the web editor or viewer.

  2. Enter a complete term or only some part of it.

  3. The scenes and sheets containing the entered search term in their name will be displayed in the list below. The term will be highlighted in the listed scene or sheet name.

    Search scenes and sheets in HoloBuilder

The search results

The results for the entered search term are displayed instead of the full list in the Project Panel below the search bar. Any listed scenes or sheets can be selected and edited as usual.

Please note that only scenes and sheets containing the search term are listed as a search result. Any other scenes that should also be on a listed sheet are not displayed in the results. Sheets that do not have a scene attached that matches the search term, will not be expandable and only the sheet itself will be editable. In order to edit all scenes of a sheet, you need to clear the search first and return to the complete view of the scenes and sheets. 

Clearing your search

You can clear the search with the ✖️ icon to return to the view with all scenes and sheets.

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