This option allows you to easily show the names for all scenes on the sheet map. Browse your projects more easily using the scene names blended in next to the waypoints on your sheet map and facilitate the direct navigation.

Show scene names on your sheets

1. Navigate to the sheet you would like to browse.

2. Open the sheet to fullscreen.

3. Select the "Show titles" option from the sheet map menu of your fullscreen view. The titles for the scenes will be displayed next to the waypoints.
Navigate to a specific scene by the title and location to by clicking on the corresponding waypoint or check the scene titles and close the fullscreen view to return to your current scene.

Disable the scene names from your sheet map

The scene titles will automatically be hidden once you either select a scene's waypoint, close the fullscreen view or click again on the "Show titles" button.

In the viewer

The scene names can be enabled in the web editor as well as in the viewer mode. Enable the scene names to better help your stakeholders navigate through the project using the sheet map.

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