Add categories to your 360° scenes to filter and only show specific images according to the set categories or the selected time frame.

Working with categories and filters you have different steps and options to do so:

  1. Create a category template for company use - learn more (Dashboard use only)

  2. Create categories on a project level - learn more

  3. Apply categories in the Web Editor - see below

  4. Apply categories in the JobWalk app - learn more

  5. Filter your project in the Web Editor - learn more

  6. Filter your sheet view in the JobWalk app - learn more

Categorizing the 360° scenes in the Web Editor

Note that each scene’s 360° image must be categorized individually in the Web Editor. If possible, use the JobWalk app to tag the 360 images while capturing.

To tag a 360 image in the Web Editor:

1. Select the scene you want to tag (1).

Note: Make sure you chose the correct location (from the lost or the sheet map) and time (from the TimeTravel menu).

2. The categories can be applied to the scene in its individual ‘Scene Properties’. Click on the scene’s name above the preview thumbnail or on the little pen icon next to it to open it's ‘Scene Properties’ (2).

3. In the scene properties, switch to the ‘Categories’ tab in the panel on the right (1) (below).

4. You will see the complete list of created categories for this project. Scroll the list to look for the categories you want to apply to this scene.

5. Click the corresponding checkbox for a label to add this category to the scene (2).

Note: It is possible to add multiple categories to a single 360° scene. Combine any labels to your liking.

6. Save the selection of categories with 'Apply Changes' (3)).

Categorizing TimeTravel scenes

Please note that you need to categorize each TimeTravel scene individually. The categories applied to a preceding scene will not be automatically applied to the connected TimeTravel scenes.

Proceed as described above. Make sure to have the correct time selected from the TimeTravel dropdown menu.

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