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Connect and manage your HoloBuilder integrations in the WebEditor
Connect and manage your HoloBuilder integrations in the WebEditor

Connect and manage your other work accounts with HoloBuilder to improve your workflows and better manage your workload and assets.

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Adding an integration within HoloBuilder can be done in the dashboard on a company level and project level as well as the web editor.

Learn more about how to integrate a supported tool within your HoloBuilder Web Editor for your project below.

Add an integration

  1. In the Web Editor, click on your account name in the upper right corner and then ‘Account’. 

  2. In the popup, select the tab ‘Integrations’. You will find all currently available integrations here.

Available integrations in WebEditor

Connect an account

Select an integration to view a summary of the supported functionalities of this tool (see above). Click on CONNECT TO ACCOUNT to establish a connection. Depending on the integration, you will need to add additional information beforehand, e.g. your company domain used for the selected tool.

The connection flow for each integration might differ depending on how the specific tool handles this process. Generally, you will be asked to log into your account and confirm the connection about to be established with HoloBuilder.

Find below an example of the connection flow for Dropbox:

Connection flow for Dropbox

Once you confirmed the connection of HoloBuilder with the corresponding tool, the new tab will close and you can return to the editor. Close the Integrations Overview and start a new project or open an existing project.

Connected integrations

Any connected integration will be marked with a yellow line below the integration’s tile (see image above). Select the integration to view a summary of the supported functionality. Additionally, you will see a yellow notice and checkmark confirming the connection to this account.

Use integration

Depending on the type of integration, you can use these differently:

Disconnect an account

Integrations can either be disconnected from within HoloBuilder or within the integrations service platform.

Disconnect the integration within your HoloBuilder account

Any integration can be disconnected again within HoloBuilder. You can either only disconnect a single project or your complete account.

  • Disconnect project: Disconnect only the currently opened project from the integration. This will remove the option to insert assets directly from the external service only for this project.

  • Disconnect account: Disable the integration for your HoloBuilder account including all projects. The option to insert assets directly from the external service will be disabled for all previously connected project. Please note that if you reconnect to this integration again, all previously connected projects will automatically be reconnected as well. In order to disconnect any specific projects, please open the project and select the option “DISCONNECT PROJECT”.

Disconnect integration in HoloBuilder

Disconnect the integration within the external account

You can always remove the connection within the individual integration’s account settings, e.g. in Account>Settings>Connected apps. Please check the corresponding integrated service for how this can be done.

List of linked apps in HoloBuilder

Sign up with your existing account

For some tools, a single sign-up option is available for you to sign up and log in with the respective login in HoloBuilder. You can directly sign up, e.g., with your Autodesk, Bluebeam or Procore account to avoid additional password handling and easily link your accounts.

Sign up with  existing account to HoloBuilder

Add-ins to integrate HoloBuilder within external tools

Additionally to the integrations within HoloBuilder, you can also work with the for download available Add-ins for tools like Autodesk® Navisworks and Autodesk® Revit®.

If you are using our HoloBuilder EU solution, please make sure to download the correct versions for EU servers.

Add-ins need to be installed in the respective tool. No additional installation or integration is required on side of HoloBuilder.

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