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How to add the Bluebeam Integration to your HoloBuilder account
How to add the Bluebeam Integration to your HoloBuilder account

Learn more on how to integrate your Bluebeam Studio Prime account with HoloBuilder in just a few simple steps.

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NOTE: You need to have an active Bluebeam Studio Prime account to be able to add it as an integration in HoloBuilder. Please connect with your Bluebeam support contact to learn more. 

The HoloBuilder Web Editor offers a variety of different integrations, which add useful features to your account.

In order to integrate Bluebeam to your HoloBuilder account, you need to take an extra step and enter a so-called Integration ID.

Integrate Bluebeam step by step

  1. Open the HoloBuilder Web Editor

  2. In the Web Editor, open your account settings by selecting your account name in the upper right corner of your screen

  3. Choose the subitem Account from the dropdown. A new window with the account settings will now open within the Editor. 

  4. Select the Integrations tab, opening a list of all available integrations for HoloBuilder.

  5. Now, find the Bluebeam integration and then click CONNECT TO ACCOUNT

Steps to integrate Bluebeam to HoloBuilder

   6. You will be redirected to the Bluebeam login page. Log in with your Bluebeam
       login credentials.
   7. Under Integrations, you will be asked for an Integration ID. For this, enter the
       following ID:



Once the you have connected your Bluebeam account with HoloBuilder, you can access your sheets and 360 images for importing them directly into HoloBuilder - Learn more.

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