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How to activate integrations for your account in the Dashboard
How to activate integrations for your account in the Dashboard

Activate HoloBuilder Integrations for your HoloBuilder personal HoloBuilder account in the Enterprise Dashboard.

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HoloBuilder offers a variety of different integrations that make for an even better experience when working on your projects. They allow you to transfer data between your HoloBuilder projects and your favorite softwares.

For HoloBuilder, there are currently 11 different integrations available. Link your HoloBuilder account with your other account:

Activate integrations from your Enterprise Dashboard

  1. Open your HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard.

  2. Under Settings, open the Integrations tab. This will open a list of all available Integrations.

  3. Find the integration that you would like to activate and select the Enable button to the right of the Integration information.

    Note: The external plug-ins Naviswork and Revit require you to download the Add-In first. In that case, click Download and follow the download instructions or download the Add-In from our website:

    If you are using our HoloBuilder EU solution, please make sure to download the Add-In versions for EU servers.

  4. Log in to the selected integration and follow the steps for authentication.

  5. Once your account was linked to your integration's account, you can connect individual project if this option is provided by the selected integration, e.g. for Autodesk BIM360 Docs, import data from the integrations to your HoloBuilder projects and manage issues with our markups.

Activate integration in HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard

You can also add Integrations via the HoloBuilder Web Editor.

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