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How to import sheets & 360 images directly from your Autodesk BIM360 Docs account to HoloBuilder
How to import sheets & 360 images directly from your Autodesk BIM360 Docs account to HoloBuilder

Integrate your BIM 360 Docs account with HoloBuilder to directly import 360 images and sheets from there into the HoloBuilder Web Editor.

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NOTE: The Autodesk BIM 360 integration is available for our US- as well as an EU-hosted solution. Please note that no cross-platform linking is possible, meaning that you can only link your EMEA Autodesk BIM 360 account with your EU (.eu) HoloBuilder account and your US Autodesk BIM 360 account with your US (.com) HoloBuilder account.

Once you have connected your accounts and projects, you can start adding files directly from your BIM 360 Docs account as floor plans or 360-degree scene images. Learn how to connect your Autodesk BIM360 account here:

BIM360 Docs files types

Depending on the file format you have different options. You can easily navigate through the project’s folder structure by clicking on the items with the folder symbol. Click on a file item to add this file to your HoloBuilder project.

Currently, you can add the following files types to your HoloBuilder project:

  • .pdf 

  • .png

  • .jpg

Please note that any updates made to files saved in BIM360 Docs that are imported into a HoloBuilder project, will not automatically synchronize. When changes are made to a file within BIM360 Docs, you need to replace the file within HoloBuilder manually

BIM 360 folder structure in HoloBuilder

Access your BIM360 files within HoloBuilder

BIM360 Docs sheets and images can be added either to existing projects or when creating a new project. In both cases, you use the "Upload" modal to access your BIM360 files.

2. Open the/a project in the Web Editor.

3. Tap on the large +-button in the lower-left corner. 

Open a project in Web Editor

4. Select "BIM360" in the lefthand-sidebar.

Note: This tab is only visible if the accounts have been connected beforehand.

Uploading project in HoloBuilder

5. Choose a BIM 360 project from the overview to connect the project to (if this step has not been done before).

Note: You might be asked to reconfirm your account integration. Simply follow the instructions to verify. 

Connect HoloBuilder project to Autodesk BIM 360

6. Browse your BIM360 Docs project files - click on the folder you want to open. 

Browse BIM 360 projects in HoloBuilder

7. Choose one or more items to import into your HoloBuilder project.

Option 1: Adding .pdf files

PDF files can only be added as floor plans to a HoloBuilder project. When clicking a .pdf file from the BIM360 Docs project folder, the file will be imported into HoloBuilder and the screen for adding a new sheet will pop up.

Adding PDF files to HoloBuilder project

Options for importing the sheet:

  • If the .pdf file has multiple pages, choose which pages you want to import into your HoloBuilder project with the radio buttons at the bottom. 

  • Crop each page to the desired view if necessary. 

  • To import .pdf files with a higher resolution, toggle the switch at the top to ON. 

Click on ‘IMPORT’ to finally add your .pdf file as new floor plan to your HoloBuilder project.

Import sheets to HoloBuilder project

Option 2: Adding .png/.jpg images files

1. Select an image file to be added to your HoloBuilder project from your BIM360 Docs project. 

2. Click on the image file you want to import into your HoloBuilder project when highlighted to add it. As for now, you can only add one image file at the time.

Adding images to HoloBuilder project

3. When choosing an images file, .png or .jpg, from the connected BIM 360 project, you can decide whether you want to add the image file as a floor plan or a 360-degree scene

4. In order to add an image file as a 360-degree scene, make sure that the image format for 360-degree display you are using is supported in HoloBuilder. In general, HoloBuilder supports standard 2:1 equirectangular image formats as well as 6×1 and 6×2 cube maps. 

5. Click on the desired option in the small popup to import the image file accordingly.

Import the image file options in HoloBuilder

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