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How to add BIM 360 issues to your HoloBuilder project
How to add BIM 360 issues to your HoloBuilder project

Create BIM 360 issues directly in your 360° images to link them to the corresponding context inside your documentation in HoloBuilder.

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IMPORTANT: The Autodesk BIM 360 integration is available for our US- as well as an EU-hosted solution. Please note that no cross-platform linking is possible, meaning that you can only link your EMEA Autodesk BIM 360 account with your EU (.eu) HoloBuilder account and your US Autodesk BIM 360 account with your US (.com) HoloBuilder account.

The BIM 360 integration enables you to create issues that can be assigned to team members and managed within BIM 360. With the BIM 360 integration for HoloBuilder, you can easily create new BIM 360 issues as interactive markup objects directly in your 360-degree images on HoloBuilder. 

Every issue you created from within HoloBuilder automatically contains a URL in the linked issue created in BIM 360. The link directs you to the affected area in your 360-degree documentation where you have marked the issue during your documentation with HoloBuilder. Anybody on the related BIM 360 project with permission on the HoloBuilder project can easily check the visual documentation for the related area of a created issue with a single click on the corresponding link in the BIM 360 ‍Field issues description ("Project name">Field Management>Issues).

Integrate HoloBuilder with your BIM 360 account for snagging

In order to be able to integrate your HoloBuilder account with your BIM 360 Field account, please make sure to upgrade your BIM 360 Field account to the "Next Gen" release. It is also possible to use the issues section on your BIM 360 Docs access.

Managing BIM 360 issues within the HoloBuilder Web Editor

Create new issues

1. To create a new issue for your BIM 360 issue tracker from within HoloBuilder, go to the scene you want to mark an issue in.

2. Rotate the view of the scene to focus on the area in question.

Please note that once you have the 360 markup tools expanded, you cannot rotate the view of the 360° scene anymore.

3. Open the "Markups" object menu in the left-hand side tool menu.

4. Choose the right markup tool for your purpose from the menu.

Markups object menu in HoloBuilder

5. Click and draw with the selected markup tool in the 360° scene to mark a certain aspect in it.  

Note: The location and orientation of the markup can still be edited later on if necessary.

Adding markups in HoloBuilder 360 scene

6. Once the markup was created, the details overview will appear. In the field "Sync with", select "Autodesk BIM 360" from the dropdown menu.

Markup details overview in HoloBuilder

7. In the details overview, fill in all necessary information. Use the "Show more..." option to fill in more details if required. 

Note: Only the title and description of the issue are mandatory.

Autodesk BIM 360 information in HoloBuilder

8. Save your issue markup. 

Note: Only when clicking "SAVE", the issue specifications will be also forwarded to your BIM 360 project. You can now log into your BIM 360 account to access and work with the issue you have just created within HoloBuilder. In the issue in BIM 360, you will additionally find a link to open the exact location of your issue in the 360° tour for viewing.

Field management in Autodesk BIM 360

Edit an issue

To edit a BIM 360 issue created within the HoloBuilder Web Editor, you have 2 options: 

1. Navigate to the markup/issue in your project and right-click on it to open the context menu. Select "Edit Markup Details".

Edit markup details in HoloBuilder

2. Open the Markups menu and toggle on the "Markups list" (list icon below the markup tools). A list with all markups/issues in the project will open. Search the list for your issue and click on the pen icon next to the "Title" or "Information".

List with all markups and issues in HoloBuilder

In both cases the modal to view and edit the details of the issue/markup will show. 

Note: Changes on the Markup in HoloBuilder will not be synced to the BIM360 issue.

Remove an issue

In order to remove an issue, select the corresponding issue markup from the scene and click on the recycling bin that appears on the right.

Alternatively, you can open the context menu by right-clicking the markup and selecting "Delete". 

Confirm if you are really sure you want to delete the selected issue.

Note: As for now, when deleting a BIM 360 issue markup within HoloBuilder, the issue will not be removed within the BIM 360 Field issue tracker. Make sure to also close or remove the issue in BIM 360 Field.

Delete issue markup in HoloBuilder

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