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Importing sheets or 360 images from Procore
Importing sheets or 360 images from Procore

Leverage our Procore integration and import objects directly into your HoloBuilder project.

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Note: Before being able to import sheets from Procore, you need to make sure to link your Procore account with HoloBuilder. Please note that ONLY the Company-Wide Admin in Procore can link the project from HoloBuilder to Procore even after the Procore connection was established.

You can import sheets or images directly from Procore into your HoloBuilder project with a few simple steps.

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Importing Sheets & 360° images 

Importing sheets in HoloBuilder
  1. Click the '+' button in the lower-left corner, which will open the upload window. Select Procore in the left panel to change the source from where to import files.

  2. The list of files and folders of the selected project will appear. You can access the respective Documents folder as well as the Drawings folder.
    a) You can  choose to import all files in the open folder by clicking on IMPORT
        ALL SHEETS.
    b) If you only want to import a single file, click on the file in the list.

  3. If your want to import more than one, but not all files, click on IMPORT MULTIPLE
    ​       FILES, which will change the view to this:

Procore import files menu in HoloBuilder

   4. You can then select all desired files by checking the boxes on the left side of the
   5. Once you have clicked IMPORT SELECTED FILES, you will be able to choose how
       to use the files. You can either add them to your project as sheets or as 360°

See also how you can import a sheet directly from Procore to HoloBuilder in the second half of this video:

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