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Choosing the correct Lighting for your Naviswork rendering
Choosing the correct Lighting for your Naviswork rendering

Make sure to adjust your lighting options in Navisworks correctly for an ideal view of your 360 renderings in HoloBuilder.

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Use the HoloBuilder Naviswork plugin to create 360 renderings of your 3D models and add them to your HoloBuilder project.

When working with the HoloBuilder plug-in for Autodesk® Navisworks®, renders can appear not well illuminated or without custom render styles as specified. The most likely cause is wrong settings for lighting within Naviswork.

Default lighting setting in the HoloBuilder plug-in

By default, HoloBuilder replaces all render settings to use the "Full Lights" as standard as it provides the best quality due to the placement of the light sources in the 360 viewpoints.

Any custom settings for render styles will automatically be overwritten to have the recommended setting. The default setting can be disabled to use custom settings.

Lighting setting in HoloBuilder plug-in

Adjusting the lighting and render style settings

Disabling the default lighting setting

Note: We recommend using the Full Lights for the best illumination of the 360 viewpoints.

You can disable the default setting in the HoloBuilder plug-in Settings.

  1. Switch to the tab "Export Add-Ins 1".

  2. Open the HoloBuilder plug-in Settings.

  3. Untick the checkbox "Use Full Lights".

  4. In the new pop-up, approve the change by selecting "Confirm".

  5. The initial pop-up shows again with the checkbox unticked. Save and leave the Settings by clicking on the 'X' of the settings pop-up.

Disabling the default lighting settings of the HoloBuilder plug-in for the 360 rendering generation in Navisworks

It is recommended to use the "Full Lights" setting for render styles. If you do not want to use the default setting overwriting all styles, you can also choose this lighting option manually.

Full lights as recommended setting for exporting 360 renders from Navisworks to HoloBuilder

Customizing your render style

Once the default setting in the HoloBuilder plug-in Settings is disabled, you can customize the render style.

Adjust the render style as used to in Navisworks directly - HoloBuilder does not influence the render style or views. All 360 renders from Naviswork get exported as specified in Navisworks.

Please note that all adjustments to the render style should be made before generating the viewpoints, e.g. by linking the sheets or placing a 360 viewpoint manually.

Comparing the Navisworks "Full Lights" vs "Head Lights" as an example for exporting to HoloBuilder

Note: The renders in the screenshot above are only examples. The views vary a lot depending on the light sources of your project. The actual 360 views will oftentimes look different from the actual 3D model as they have a cubemap format which gets illuminate differently with the same light sources.

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