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How to use individual Colored Waypoints and Location Markers
How to use individual Colored Waypoints and Location Markers

Get a quick overview on how to customize your HoloBuilder Project with individually colored Waypoints and Location Markers in the Web Editor

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In HoloBuilder it is possible to change the colors of any Waypoint and Location Marker type in the Web Editor for all markers on the floor plan or also just for individual.

  • Change the color for all Waypoints/Location Markers in Project Properties

  • Change the color for individual Waypoints / Location Markers - Learn more below

    • This feature allows you to specify your HoloBuilder projects by adjusting any icon in the sheet map to you preferences.

Possible use cases are e.g.:

  • Indicate a capturing schedule by daily/weekly/monthly or high/low priority

  • Indicate different contractor's areas of responsibilities on the same sheet

  • Highlight specific location of high interest

  • and many more

How to change the color of individual Waypoints in the Web Editor

As you normally adjust the color for all Waypoints / Location Markers in the project-wide settings, it is now possible to change the color of each waypoint or location marker individually.

  1. Simply right-click on the Waypoint or Location Marker on the sheet map whose color you want to change.

  2. A context menu with a few options will open - You can choose between changing the name or deleting the Waypoint / Location Marker.

  3. Beneath the two options you will find the new color scale to set the color of your Waypoint / Location Marker.

    Change color of individual waypoints
  4. Make sure to safe your changes by clicking the general Save button at the top of the Web Editor.

    Save icon


Adjusting the project-wide settings does not overwrite individual colors.

Also, all new waypoints (e.g., manually uploaded or Location Markers) still get the project-wide color.

Individually colored Waypoints in the JobWalk App

The colourd Waypoints and Location Marker are also adopted to the sheet map in the JobWalk App.


You cannot change the color of Waypoints or Location Markes in any way on the JobWalk App. The colored Waypoints and Location Markers in the JobWalk App are only viewable to support any on-site use cases and not editable.

Colored Waypoints in JobWalk App

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