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How to duplicate your sheet with Location Markers
How to duplicate your sheet with Location Markers

Learn more on how to duplicate a sheet including it's Location Markers in the HoloBuilder Web Editor.

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Duplicate a sheet in your project with a couple of clicks. You can choose whether to duplicate it with or without Location Markers included.

Duplicating a sheet with Location Markers

Have one or more sheets with Location Markers.

Duplicate the sheet with it's Location Markers, e.g., if the different levels of your building need the same locations captured. This way, you simply need to exchange the sheet and already have all Location Markers ready in place:

  1. In the project panel of the Web Editor, located on the left side of your screen, find your list of all sheets & scenes of the project.

  2. On the sheet that you would like to duplicate, right-click with your mouse.

  3. You now have three options to choose from:    
    1) Change name    
    2) Duplicate (Sheet only)    
    3) Duplicate with Location Markers  

  4. Click Duplicate with Location Markers.
    A copy of the sheet will now appear in your sheets & scenes list in the project panel. All Location Markers from the original sheet will be available on the copy as well.

  5. Now, you can edit the copy of the sheet and it's Location Markers to e.g. replace the sheet and capture the same positions for a different level.

Duplicate sheet with location markers

NOTE: With this action you only copy the location markers, not any of the 360° scenes that are connected to the original sheet.

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