Change the color of your waypoints

Changing the color of the Waypoints of a sheet can help to better highlight them depending on the sheet color

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The color of your waypoints can be changed in two ways:

  1. Change the color for all Waypoints / Location Markers in the Project Properties, as described below

Possible use cases:

  • Provide better visibility on special floor plans

  • Adjust to custom brand representation

  • etc.


This option cannot be adjusted by a Project Editor or Viewer.

How to change the color of all your Waypoints / Location Markers

  1. Open the Project properties of your project in the web editor by clicking on the 'project name' at the top of your editor.

    Open project properties in HoloBuilder
  2. Switch to the tab 'Customize'

  3. Click on the drop-down menu for 'Waypoint Color' at the bottom below the toggle switches for the other customization options. The menu will read 'Yellow' as that is the default color.


    Please note that the color of the waypoints will be changed for the complete project on all sheets equally.

  4. Select a color from the dropdown list.

  5.  After selecting the color, either close the dialog by clicking on 'SAVE CHANGES'.

    Editing waypoint color in HoloBuilder

  6. You can see the changed color of the Waypoints and Location Markes on your sheet map in the Web Editor or the JobWalk app.

  7. Make sure to save any changed additionally with the 'Save'

Changing waypoint colors in HoloBuilder

In the viewing mode

The sheets will appear with the waypoints in the last saved color. You can access and share the project in viewing mode as usual.

Please note that you cannot change the color of the waypoints in the viewer mode.

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