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How to hide your TimeTravel dropdown menu
How to hide your TimeTravel dropdown menu

Learn more about how to hide the TT Dropdown in the Web Editor and Viewer if you do not plan on using them.

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In the Web Editor, there are several options for working with and navigating your 360° scenes. Those options can be very helpful. But when not needed, they can be distracting and view-restricting when working with the web editor. If you are not using, e.g., the TimeTravel feature, you can hide the TimeTravel dropdown menu in the project settings.

Note: TimeTravels are a useful feature helping you to capture progress over a period of time, e.g. to use with SplitScreen and keep a better overview of the progress on-site.

Attention: when disabling the TimeTravel dropdown menu, you will not be able to continue working with your TimeTravels in the Web Editor or Web Viewer.

Hiding the TimeTravel dropdown menu

  1. In the center of the top menu bar in your HoloBuilder Web Editor, open the project settings by clicking on the pencil icon or the project name in general:

Pencil icon to open project settings in HoloBuilder

2. A new window with all project settings will open in the Web Editor. Find the submenu Customize and click on it.

3. A series of customization options are available to you to adjust the project view and features however you like.
In the list of settings, the second switch allows you to turn the Hide TimeTravel Dropdown option ON and OFF. Click on the switch to change the setting from ON to OFF. Then, click SAVE CHANGES in the lower right corner of the window in order to confirm your setting change.

Custom options to adjust project view in HoloBuilder

4. Back in the Web Editor, the TimeTravel Dropdown has now disappeared from your screen.

In case you decide to use the TimeTravel Dropdown again, just open the same menu path again: Project Settings > Customize > Hide TimeTravel Dropdown and simply change the switch back to OFF.

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