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Working with in-scene Objects
How to manage Assets in Object Groups in HoloBuilder
How to manage Assets in Object Groups in HoloBuilder

Group your objects to show or hide them depending on the viewers requirements.

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When working with objects in the HoloBuilder Web Editor, it can quickly look overwhelming with too many objects in one scene. That is why we introduced the grouping objects feature to the Editor. 

  • You can group any number of objects in a scene to hide or show these objects collectively. 

  • The Show/Hide Group action can then be assigned to another object. This way you can better keep track of your objects.

Grouping objects in a scene

1. Add as many objects, such as action objects to lik 2D images or PDF files, markups etc, to your scene as you like. 

2. To create an objects group, open the Scene menu. 

3. Find the subsection Assets and click the folder icon. A new group will appear in
      the Assets list.

4. Double click on the group to rename it.

Groping objects in a scene in HoloBuilder

5. Drag & drop the objects you want from the list in the group.

6. Optionally: Remove the checkmark next to the folder to have the content of the folder/the objects in your scene hidden by default.

Note that, when deselecting the checkmark, your objects contained in that group will also disappear from the scene in the editor. If you want to edit an object contained in a hidden group, it is best to first make the group visible again.) 

Please note that the object list is only related to the content of the currently selected scene. In order to see the related object of another scene or TimeTravel, you need to switch to that scene or TimeTravel.

Group list and visibility in HoloBuilder

Create an additional object and assign the Show/Hide Group action to it

1. Add an object of your choice to the same 360 scene which should be used as trigger.

2. Select the object and switch to the Modify menu of that object.

3. Open the Action options and then click the square at the bottom of the menu bar to add the Show/Hide Group action to the selected object.

4. A new window will open, where you can choose which group should be associated with the action object. Choose a group and create the action object by clicking SAVE AND APPLY.

Assign Show Hide group action in HoloBuilder

You can also remove objects from a group either by dragging and dropping the corresponding object into another group folder or even no group at all. 

Alternatively, you can also remove the object completely, by selecting it and clicking on the recycling bin.

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