When uploading images in the HoloBuilder Web Editor, it can happen that you might see the error with the error code 8.

Why does the error code 8 show?

Error code 8 shows when uploading images and moving the local image file(s) before the project was saved. Unless a HoloBuilder project was saved in the web editor, the 360 images have not been fully uploaded. 

How to prevent this error?

Getting the error code 8 can easily be prevented by not moving the 360 images to be uploaded to your project before the saving of the project was actually completed.
E.g. make sure to keep any external harddrive connected to your PC until the HoloBuilder project was uploaded or first copy the 360 files to the source folder on your PC before starting the upload. 

Resolving failed image upload issues

In the error code 8 info box, you get all the details regarding the error and which images have been affected:

1. In the error notification you can see a list of all 360 images that failed to be uploaded. Copy the list to keep an overview, e.g. into a temporary text file.

2. Return to the Web Editor and find the first scene from the list. 

3. Select the scene name from the list in the project panel on the left. The preview thumbnail is depicted at the top of the project panel.

4. Click on the 2 opposing arrows on the right of the preview thumbnail of the scene. 

5. Confirm that you would like to change the scene's image. 

6. Browse you computer for the image that matches this scene. Make sure the image file is not moved.

Hint: Use the copied list from the error notification from before to find out which image file belongs to this scene. 

7. Save the project. 

8. Repeat the steps above for all the other remaining images that could not be uploaded before. 


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