IMPORTANT: The orientation of your 360 images depends on the compass calibration of the 360 camera you are using for capturing. The information is saved as part of the metadata of the images.

Recommendation: In order to have the best results, we recommend calibrating the compass of the camera before each job walk (by doing an 8-figure in the air).

In the Web Editor, you can correct the orientation of your 360 images any time after uploading them to your HoloBuilder projects.

Correct the compass orientation of your 360 images

Adjust the orientation of your 360 images with the calibration toolset (see image below).

Adjust your 360 image's compass directions in the HoloBuilder Web Editor

  1. Open your project in the HoloBuilder Web Editor.

  2. Navigate to the 360 image with the wrong compass data.

  3. Click on the ‘ROTATE SPHERE’ option located in the working area on the right of the Web Editor under 'Scene'.

  4. The option for calibrating your 360 image on the x-, y- and z-axis to adjust the view.

    1. To adjust the compass directions of the 360 image, click and hold the button with the horizontally positioned arrow and drag the button to the left or right until your photosphere is rotated to the desired orientation.

      Note: Once you click on one of the rotation options, you will see a grid with the compass directions. Use the grid for orientation to adjust the directions in the image.

    2. Release and click once on the button to confirm the new orientation of the 360 image.

      Note: Any objects you might have placed in the 360 image, will move with the compass grid.

  5. Make sure to save any changes in the upper left corner.

Drag the rotation button to a side to adjust the compass directions on your 360 image in the HoloBuilder Web Editor

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